Accent for Professionals presents a report  “Development of Foreign Languages in the Business Services Sector” Scarcity of foreign language users is becoming a growing challenge for business services centres, and is about to get more severe. While there are a number of ways of resolving the issue at hand, we also need to be thinking

Turn to Accent for TALENT SOURCING!

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CARREER CENTER AT ACCENT FOR PROFESSIONALS It is a well-known fact that rapidly expanding large international organizations, SSCs and BPOs are amongst the greatest contributors to the Kraków’s job market. When constantly on the lookout for new candidates with excellent foreign language skills which would be relevant to a corporate professional context – there is

Accent for Professionals joins ABSL

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As a leading corporate language services provider Accent for Professionals has always been actively involved in promoting SSC/BPO development in Poland. We are already a member of ASPIRE Association and now we are also very excited to join The Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland where we will continue engaging with the
DO YOU WANT TO BE FAME-OUS? There is one thing that learning a foreign language and dieting have in common. Both processes, no matter how successful, reach a point when progress seems to have stopped. The dreaded plateau stage. Hitting the plateau has been described as the experience where you feel that no matter how
A thought-provoking editorial by Maggie Kissell BUSINESS AS WAR OR WHAT THE LANGUAGE YOU USE SAYS ABOUT YOUR COMPANY? Does the language we use in the workplace reflect our style of conducting business or the other way around? Is a company’s culture expressed in the communication it employs or perhaps shaped by it? It’s a
We believe that sharing knowledge and spreading the best ideas can indeed make a big difference, so last month we held our first BE D.R.I.V.E Conference dedicated solely to teaching Business English. It took place in Radisson Blu Hotel and the topics as well as great speakers (Robert Adams, Hugh Dellar, Wojciech Szupelak, Joanna

Disney, Happy Pills and Creativity

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His story wasn’t always so rosy. Once a school dropout, he suffered several business disasters and even bankruptcy. But despite all that, he managed to use imagination to deal with his personal and financial problems. His secret was what he called ‘imagineering’. When he was going through a creative process he used three perceptual positions:
Keep emails short and get to the point. Only speak about 1 subject per email. Don’t introduce 3 different ideas or subjects, unless they are related to one unit of business or to 1 transaction. Punctuation is important. Most email services will offer a spelling or grammar check. Otherwise, copy the content of your email

Lanuage expertise in the workplace

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Imagine a typical meeting in an international company. People slowly filing in, taking their seats, checking project update notes, glancing at the agenda, acknowledging each other with a courteous nod… all in absolute silence… Sullen faces, tense atmosphere … clearly something is amiss. As the meeting progresses it becomes apparent that only few out of
Recruitment process is a substantial position in any company’s budget, so it is only natural that you want to make sure you spend your money wisely. You take care of thorough background screening, skills and aptitude tests, check team-work ability and leadership styles. Given the international environment in which most companies operate, the candidate’s appropriate


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It is an honour and our great pleasure to support you in your recruitment processes and language assessments. We are, therefore, extremely proud to announce that Accent For Professionals was nominated for our LANGUAGE ASSESSMENTS to a prestigious CEE Outsourcing and Shared Services Award in the Best Advisory Services Firm of the Year 2013. (

Accent For Professionals – LANGUAGE CENTER

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After years of cooperating with the biggest corporate clients we are bringing the experience and expertise in teaching foreign languages in professional context to the general public and making it available to individual students. In September 2013 we opened the first Foreign Language Center for Professionals in Kraków ( Our participants can choose from a